HP is organizing a 5 week hit league using our Hittrax on Friday nights. The league will consist of one vs one 3 inning simulated games in your favorite major league stadiums. Hittrax will keep track of each players overall win/loss records. As well as batting average, exit velo, hard hit percentage, spray charts and much more. This can help create a baseline of where you are having success, areas that need improvement, or just play for fun/reps. Hittrax will also create seeding after week 4, setting the stage for the winner take all week 5 playoff bracket. Players will compete on field dimensions pertaining to their age. Our batting champion will receive a free entry to defend their title in the next session, as well as a prize at the conclusion of our league. Come and see if you have what it takes to bring home the crown!



Day: Friday’s
Dates: 5/7/21 – 6/4/21
Time:7:30PM -8:45PM
Cost: $125
Spots: 12
AGES 10-17