Exciting news at HP!  We have been recognized as one of the top player development programs in the nation and now we are 1 of 25 travel org’s in the United States to partner with Win Reality.  We believe strongly in the product, and have gotten a lot of great feedback. Our favorite part of all of this is that it supplements the work we are putting in at HP, on the field and creates additional game speed reps.  This is the new wave of development and is the core reason of  why we have made this program a requirement with all HP hitters moving forward.  Click here to see our HP + Win parent meeting! Players will benefit with following:

  • 24/7 access to the Win Reality app
  • 1 HP Player practice weekly at home
  • Weekly and monthly reports based on practices and individual usage
  • 2 AI biometric swing reports monthly
  • Recommended drills based on player assessment
  • 24/7 support from HP + Win hitting coordinator

Player needs:

Once you sign up:

  • Hang tight, your new Win bat attachment is on the way!
  • Download Win Reality app in your Oculus
  • Log in to Win
  • Go to Train mode
  • Select Assessment and Calibrate your bat and complete assessment
  • Next submit a side angle video for you Ai biomechanics breakdown (ex)! (2 monthly) – SUBMIT
  • Prepare for your practices by playing and navigating all features of the Win app


  • Look for you practice times in email (These are year round)
  • Accept your invitation through google meet for your weekly practice
  • When practice starts, join the google meeting – Camera on, speaker muted by be prepared to answer questions
  • Review practice plan with coaching staff
  • Jump on the Oculus headset and compete with all your teammates!
  • Study feedback and improve weekly
  • Translate your hard work to the game

If you interested in learning more please email s.danielson@hunterpencebaseball.com